Job Posting Service

“I want to thank you for the use of your private, Ontario CPA, job posting e-mail advertising service. We received significant interest in the position, interviewed 10 candidates, and of our final three, two were from your network. We found a great fit and had the person start with us on Monday, who was a contact from your network. Thank you again – it was a great service for us as the quality of candidates was extraordinary.” – Nadine E., Diallog Telecommunications

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Most employers prefer to hire candidates who are actively employed.  Yet, these in-demand candidates are the least likely to be looking at job boards or recruitment sites. To reach them, you need to tap into an extensive CPA network whose Members have opted into to receive job postings delivered right to their inboxes.

  • No contract is required to initiate a stand-alone job posting to our permission-based, private network of southern-Ontario based CPAs.
  • We will help you develop a job description/posting that attracts the attention of our Members.
  • Your hiring manager will receive quality applications delivered directly to their inbox for confidential consideration.
  • You don’t pay our very reasonable success-based advertising fee until you hire one of our Members or their qualified friends.

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