Hiring Consultants

“The most professionally run recruiting process that I have been involved with. A great learning experience! Timely and effective!” John K., Chartered Accountant

Business success is all about building relationships

We are hiring consultants for companies needing financial professionals. We are experts in interviewing for financial roles and provide exceptional due diligence with our reference checking. We email job postings directly to 16,000 financial professionals in southern Ontario.

How we’re different:

  • We do not work for commission or retainer. We only work in the best interests of our clients as an objective consultant. We are not a sales organization / employment agency / head hunter.
  • We do not sell resumes, nor do we represent job candidates. Unlike employment agencies/search firms, job candidates do not ‘register’ with us, which prevents conflict-of-interest. We only work for the interests of the hiring executives.
  • We do not negotiate salary on behalf of the preferred finalists. To ensure that our client’s best interests are maintained throughout the entire hiring process, we do not become involved in employment contract / salary negotiations.
  • We will not try to coax anyone’s employees away by calling them up to say “Our client has heard great things about you and wants to meet you for an interview.” Our email job postings are compelling, sent directly to the correct audience and are a rich source of helpful data for employed CPAs – they are read and passed along to other financial professionals.
  • Unlike employment agencies, we do not coach job candidates with the kinds of questions they should be prepared to answer during client interview(s).
  • We never try to convince clients to hire a particular candidate or wear them down with volumes of candidates.

What we do:

  • Screening candidates:
    • Prepare a Job Analysis based on your input
    • Advertise the job using highly-targeted communication within the Financial Industry
    • Host an e-mail address to receive resumes, which allows your company to remain anonymous during the job posting (if desired) and limits your contact to only final candidates
    • Provide first round screening of candidates, and objective, thorough reference checking on the finalist candidates
  • Delivering Objective Evaluations of Candidates:
    • Strategically Interview candidates
    • Conduct Individual Behavioural Assessments of candidates
    • Provide Detailed Reports on final candidates, which will include early coaching and initial training suggestions that can enhance their performance
  • Creating a Positive Impression of Your Company
    • Allow your company to remain anonymous (if desired) in the job posting
    • Notify all candidates who submit a resume that it has been received and is being considered
    • Clearly explain the process for selection to all short-listed candidates, and share the results with them, as appropriate
    • Promptly notify short-listed candidates as they are eliminated from consideration
  • Assessing Staff to enable you to promote from within in a competitive staff environment.  Your Chief Financial Interviewer, Inc. consultant is trained to provide truly objective assessments of your staff.
  • Career Counselling for employed senior and mid-level CPAs who want to learn more about their strengths, limitations, career best directions and establish a superior action plan so they can reach the next level.