We have received a great deal of praise for our unique approach to hiring Financial Professionals.  Below are selected quotes from our many satisfied clients.  For additional references, please contact us.

Chief Financial Interviewer, Inc. has totally changed my way of thinking when it comes to hiring key people in the finance group…I now see their approach as critical to the success of my company – as well as for me.  Rose P., CPA, CA

Stephen reshaped our thinking on how to hire a finance professional.  His approach was rigorous, accountable and netted us one of the best senior hires we have made in years.  Highly recommended!  Howard C., President, Top Drawer Creative Inc.

We have been very pleased with (name of person hired) and your support in helping us keep her challenged and motivated is invaluable.  Brian G., VP, Top Drawer Creative Inc.

I am glad that you are keeping in touch with (name of person hired) and offered ongoing support…  I am very pleased with your firm and think that you have an amazing process of finding the right hire for the right spot.  I only wish that you could expand this wonderful service beyond the financial hires! Karen R., President, Freeze-Dry Foods Limited

I would highly recommend this process to anyone out there looking for executive talent… In my search I ended up interacting with approximately 10 agencies – what set your organization apart was the attention to detail, the focus to task, the commitment to providing value to the hiring client and the long term professional relationship developed with the candidates… The job of screening, interviewing and reference checking was put in the hands of someone who had the professional experience to do so – the client didn’t have to deal with all the “weeding” process to get to the “good stuff.”  Domenic L., CPA, CGA

When I think about your recruitment process…it was focused.  What made it unique was the profiling that ensures a high chance of ‘fit’ with the rest of the team players, based on some objective criteria rather than ‘intuition’ or ‘gut feel.’  Allan P., MBA, CPA, CMA, CIMA

Tim did ask me what I thought about your process and I told him I really enjoyed your detailed approach.  I knew what the position was very well, way before meeting with Tim, and I really liked that.  Also your professional approach to every detail was very much appreciated.  Alban P., CPA, CA

Now that your report is written I can tell you that I respect the process you follow and any company that utilizes your services as I believe it shows a respect for both the employer and employee, to ensure a good fit and hopefully long term relationship.  It is very easy for someone to assume they have the expertise to do a hiring, but I have found that often they end up being only a calculated risk for both parties.  Your process brings a true expertise to a hiring.  Karen A., CPA, CA

Chief Financial Interviewer, Inc.’s professionalism and attention to detail enabled us to hire a qualified candidate with the appropriate technical job requirements and a good personality fit for the department and company as a whole.  This was accomplished with minimal effort from and disruption to our business.    Nicole R., CPA, CA

On behalf of myself and our executive team, please accept our thanks for your value-added services in successfully assisting in our recruitment for this position.  We definitely found your methodology to be very unique while very pertinent to ensuring success to the search…  Alvi B., BA, HBA

We are also very pleased with the feedback we’ve received from prospective candidates.  Again, some select quotes are below:

Thanks again for everything you have done in the process; I found your approach to be respectful, professional and friendly; it has been a pleasure dealing with you.    Scott O.,  CPA, CA

I truly appreciate the time you have committed for me and I must say that it has been a much more pleasant experience than dealing with the traditional recruiters.  Julie B., CPA, CMA (Career Opportunity Candidate)

As I reflect on your firm’s recruiting process to fill the position I am occupying now, I would like to mention here that your approach was totally unique to what I had hitherto experienced.  It was evident that you took keen interest in the application filtering process and kept the “short-listed” candidates in the loop throughout the process.  My business contacts who you had called to check my references were also impressed with your professional approach and the up to date information you had provided to them on the ‘search’.    Ali L., CPA, CMA, MBA

Stephen had told me that your company has selected another candidate for the Planning Manager position.  While that is not the best of news for me, I would like to express my gratitude to you and Stephen for having interviewed me.  Having gone through Stephen’s thorough assessments, I am confident your chosen candidate would be a success.    Henry L., MBA, CPA, CMA

Your interviewing process was very detailed and unique.  I would certainly recommend Chief Financial Interviewer to anyone who wants the job done right and in a professional manner.  Sheila C.

I think the experience of being interviewed first by yourself was more relaxing than if it was done by the company.  This insight into the company provided answers to my questions and made things much more relaxing when it was time to interview with the company.  Davide D., CPA, CA

The difference between you and many other recruiters is that you look into the qualification of your applicants beyond their experience.  Emily W., CPA, CGA

I would say that without a doubt you are the most professional person I have encountered in the area of recruiting/employee placement. Everything you said that you would do, you did. Jeff C., CPA, CA CPA, CA