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Now emerging from the COVID-19 slow-down, our customer is an established, profitable, family owned, professionally managed, group of four companies based in West Niagara. Working within the perishable goods division, this newly created Supervisor, Accounting position reports directly to the Finance Director and also assists the divisional President with standard and ad-hoc analysis. The core functions of the Supervisor, Accounting position are: personally preparing monthly financial statements for the perishable goods division, combined/consolidated financial statements for the group of companies, performing financial and variance analysis (hands-on), working on costing projects to help enhance profitability and supervising the work of the division’s Accounting team.

With an A/R Associate, A/P Associate and Accounting Administrator to directly supervise, the Supervisor, Accounting is also personally responsible for the hands-on preparation of the division’s supporting reconciliations and schedules, budget-to-actual variance, and KPI reporting, ad-hoc and costing analysis.
The senior management team is looking for a hands-on CPA, or actively pursuing CPA-finalist, who is proactive at finding ways to improve the services of the Accounting team, curious about finding answers via effective analysis and, someone who will be a good fit for an eventual promotion to Manager, Accounting. The Supervisor, Accounting position ensures that all reporting is accurate, delivered on time and in full compliance with ASPE, CRA, provincial and federal tax requirements and all other regulatory requirements.
The Supervisor, Accounting will be actively mentored by, and collaborate regularly with, the Finance Director to learn and contribute effectively to the annual budget development, year-end inventory and audit, cash flow forecasting, costing process improvements, documentation of policies and other special projects.
The salary range for this Supervisor, Accounting position in West Niagara region is $68,000 to $83,000, (dependent upon experience and status of CPA designation) plus company paid group benefits, annual CPA membership and approved training/P.D. fees.

If you are or know of a highly organized, collaborative, eager to contribute and learn CPA or finalist CPA with strong financial reporting, Microsoft Excel for analysis, costing and KPI monitoring skills, please arrange for a resume to be sent to:

e-mail subject line: West Niagara Supervisor, Accounting by June 5.
Please see behavioural and job description details below. No agencies please.


Position Behaviours
    • Hands-on with financial reporting and analysis, self-disciplined, logical, accurate, compliant, factual, flexible, active and have the ability to persuade others via effective financial and business analysis communications.
    • Attentive to detail, adhering to standard financial reporting procedures and comfortable being involved in a variety of other, analysis and costing activities once monthly reporting tasks are completed.
    • Works with a friendly, systematic and logical approach to the financial reporting and analysis work; ensuring that all the necessary facts and information are available and accurate and that the business decisions taken by senior management are well informed and astute.
    • Effectively supervises the work of the Accounting team and influences and persuades them to give their best and willingly praises those who do well.
    • A proven, hands-on, ability to effectively analyse financial data and prepare financial reports, statements and projections.
    • Is alert to changing situations, shows flexibility in approach, adaptability in difficult circumstances and continuously strives to achieve accurate and timely, hands-on, results.
    • Naturally brings strong organizational skills, most often associated with CPAs who like to keep a clean and tidy personal work space, and has good attention to detail.
    • Exceptional analytical/problem solving skills and business acumen.
    • Keeps pressure on staff, others and self to meet deadlines in an environment which could have variety and interruption.
    • Communicates effectively with team and others and works within defined parameters, while at the same time retaining standards and making things happen quickly and accurately.
    • Encourages team and others to communicate effectively and, through example, influence and expertise, helps create an involved atmosphere of teamwork.
    • Regularly brainstorms with, and professionally challenges the thinking of, the Finance Director and never gets discouraged when change take time to implement.
    • Personally gathers facts and figures, monitors self and others and achieves financial reporting deadlines and business goals in a timely and factual manner.
    • Attentive to detail and a high degree of accuracy. Not only welcoming the Finance Director to act as a second set of eyes once work is completed but, is willing to check the Finance Director’s work too.
    • Brings either technical proficiency with cash analysis and forecasting functions or has a genuine interest to learn these vital to the success of the business skills.
    • Able to work effectively within a multi-tasking environment where work interruption occurs but still maintains accuracy, attention to detail and timeliness.
    • Excellent oral and written communication skills (English) and works effectively and cooperatively with team members, other departments, external suppliers and the President.
    • Highly organised in hands-on work requirements and able to effectively supervise and eventually manage and develop those behaviours in the Accounting team.
    • Strong, positive, business values and ethics and able to contribute to discussions regarding the design and implementation of new controls appropriate for a privately owned business.
    • Understands and/or quickly learns the company’s cost accounting and margin analysis requirements.
    • Hands-on, effective use of, or able to very quickly learn, MS Excel,V Look Ups and Pivot Tableskills required for ad hoc and KPI report maintenance and ongoing refinement.
    • Able to quickly learn and effectively use the legacy, in-house developed, software solution. And, when/where appropriate, in cooperation with the Finance Director, eventually explore new ERP or financial software solutions for the company to consider.
    • Consistently brings discretion in dealing with confidential information.
    • Works in compliance with company policies/procedures and the Occupational Health & Safety Act.
Position Responsibilities
    • Upon arrival, learn the existing systems and reporting requirements and take on as much as practical – with the objective of fully taking over financial reporting responsibility at approximately 90 days.
    • Under the guidance and direction of the Finance Director, prepare accurate monthly financial statements and supporting reconciliations and schedules and, prepare accurate monthly financial statements for the holding companies.
    • Within 30 days, develop a broad understanding of the perishable packaged goods production processes.
    • Get to know and provide day-to-day supervision , direction and coaching to the A/P Associate, the A/R Associate and the Accounting Administrator.
    • After 30 days, personally (hands-on) prepare budget-to-actual reports and variance analysis for review and comment by the Finance Director.
    • Personally (hands-on) provide consolidated/combined financial statements for review by the Finance Director.
    • Within 60 days, ensure that the month-end reporting checklist is completed and ensure process completion on a go forward basis.
    • Analyse and report on the company’s financial results with respect to profits, trends, costs and budget variances.
    • Maintain KPI (Key Performance Indicator) dashboards.
    • At or before 60 days, personally (hands-on) , consistently provide accurate, monthly, cash flow analysis and cash management reporting.
    • By 90 days, maintain overall responsibility for the hands-on execution of all accounting functions by preparing accurate monthly financial statements for the division and related holding companies – 9 business days after month-end.
    • Personally (hands-on) create the borrowing reporting so division specific growth discussions can be held with the Owners/Stakeholders/Board.
    • Beyond 90 days, start to learn the production processes and review the existing cost accounting processes, procedures and reporting, then start to identify potential costing process improvements.
    • Understand and professionally ensure that CRA (HST/GST) and bank reporting requirements are met. Perform regulatory compliance and reporting including GST/HST, corporate taxes, etc.
    • Start to regularly provide support to the Finance Director in areas of hands-on cash flow management, inventory management, costing, pricing and margin analysis reporting.
    • Keep an active eye out for and discuss all opportunities with the Finance Director regarding all opportunities to adjust or add appropriate financial and business controls.
    • Utilize Microsoft Excel skills to, define, develop and monitor Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and ad-hoc reporting for the President to be able to intelligently confirm or adjust what intuition suggests are appropriate actions to take next.
    • Start to independently provide supervision and day-to-day direction to the A/P Associate, A/R Associate and Accounting Administrator.
    • Garner enough understanding of the businesses to assist and support the Finance Director with; preparation of annual budgets, year-end inventory and year-end audits.
    • Under the direction the Finance Director, help develop a Fixed Asset Register report and be well into completing a formal, online, policies and procedures manual for the Accounting department.
    • Act as co-liaison with the Finance Director for external auditors (October 31st year-end, full audit) and provide accurate and timely financial information for their tax compliance duties.
    • Once formally approved by the Owners/Stakeholders/Board, along with the Finance Director, participate in meetings and other activities and special projects such as formally evaluating new ERP or cloud-based solutions on behalf of the best interests of the business.
    • Dependent upon skill and experience levels of the incumbent, in preparation for the transition from Supervisor, Accounting to Manager, Accounting, after approximately one year, under the experienced-based guidance and mentoring of the Finance Director, begin to manage the Accounting team by taking on more and more aspects of their performance management and any hiring or other management duties.
    • Generally, actively, participate in meeting in other activities related to the role.
    • Other tasks, reporting requirements and participation in special projects required of a financial professional looking to serve as a highly effective right-hand financial and accounting professional to the Finance Director looking to help the division become even more profitable.