Sr. Financial Investment Analyst

Our customer is a prominent leader and one Ontario’s most established companies in the land development, low rise and high rise building and capital asset management businesses. They are a multiple award winning, stable, profitable and growing, residential & commercial construction and land development company with a results-oriented, friendly and respectful business culture. The company regularly invests in the community via charitable (local volunteer and financial) donations which are built right into the structure of the business. The business is expanding into new sectors and now requires a hands-on Sr.Financial Investment Analyst (newly created position) to perform and help manage the land and development investment analysis functions and ensure that those, and some equity new investment opportunities, are thoroughly evaluated and accurately risked as per the longer term business plan. This position will contribute to the success of the business by vetting investment opportunities and building strong relationships between the treasury department and all other departments – especially Land and Residential Construction.

The Sr. Financial Investment Analyst position reports to the VP, Treasury and the CFO and dotted line to the CEO. The VP, Treasury is a CA with CFO experience who will actively mentor the Sr. Financial Investment Analyst to successfully form and lead a new Land Acquisitions & Investment Analysis department. 

The salary range for this hands-on Sr. Financial Investment Analyst position is $95,000 to $125,000, (dependent upon experience) a 15-25 % performance-based bonus, comprehensive benefits (100% coverage for medical, dental, vision and prescription drugs for the employee, spouse and children), a company matched 1% of annual salary RRSP after one year of service and reimbursement of all CPA and/or CFA and ongoing professional development fees. 

If you are or know of a hands-on with financial and business analysis CPA and/or CFA (CPAs who are CFA finalists also welcome to apply) who is detailed with numbers and personally good at analyzing and effectively communicating accurate results regarding real estate, land and other business investment opportunities and ready to build a small team of Analysts, please arrange for a resume to be sent to client0601@financialinterviewer.come-mail subject line: Sr. Financial Investment Analyst by February 10, 2022.   Please see position details below. No agencies please.

Position Behaviours

  • Use researched, factual information when analyzing information, solving problems and apply logic when handling hands-on analysis utilizing Microsoft Excel – V Look Up, Pivot Table skills are required. 
  • Seek ways of perfecting things, raising standards, reducing errors and overcoming omissions.
  • High attention to detail, accuracy, and the ability to effectively prioritize your own workflow are key to this role.
  • Be disciplines in developing organizational systems, procedures, rules and norms and always be accountable to the entity and to the Owners.
  • Openly communicate, communicate, communicate! This is a (oral & written, English) communication and hands-on financial and business analysis Sr. Financial Investment Analyst career opportunity. Communicate effectively and in a timely fashion – keeping the VP, Treasury and CFO in the loop.
  • Provide the best solutions in terms of quality and cost.
  • Work persistently when gathering information and seeking data regarding investment opportunities or solutions to problems.
  • Always finish what you agree to do and push details to the end – taking ownership of tasks entrusted.
  • Listen, absorb and digest information and at the same time build upon stable relationships.
  • Develop trust in people and be willing to smooth relationships and professionally advise and assist others.
  • Seek direction and authority from senior management when and if appropriate and achieve set goals in a non-aggressive and efficient manner.
  • Collect accurate information and utilize solid presentation skills as to be able to effectively communicate the content to non-financial leaders of the company. Bring the proven ability to articulate complex investment theses and address pointed questions. PowerPoint skills are required.
  • Regularly and consistently encourage a high level of performance in self and others while also ensuring strict conformity with rules, systems and protocol.
  • Personally (hands-on) gather facts and figures, monitor self and others and achieve goals in a timely and factual manner.
  • Be alert to changing situations, show flexibility in approach, adaptability in difficult circumstances and continuously strive to achieve a positive result. Don’t wait to be asked to get involved whenever and wherever appropriate. 
  • Be dependable, loyal, a good listener and enjoy working in a logical and systematic manner.
  • Developing and maintaining standard operating procedures are important aspects of this role and as such, it will require a Financial Investment Analyst who is organized, structured and self-controlled.
  • Be consistent in approach, analytical, sensitive to error, precise, accurate, detailed and compliant.
  • Be logical, systematic and precise whenever proposing investment ideas, opportunities and solutions to the CEO – with the detailed data at hand to back-up each submission.
  • Always bring strong, positive, business values and ethics and the ability to deliver. “Doing right is always the right thing to do!” at this organization.
  • Always and only be honest, ethical, up-front and respectful during all verbal and written communications with everyone inside and outside the organization.
  • Within a fast moving, dynamic and/or entrepreneurial, privately owned business environment, be prepared to respectfully meet periodic opposition and/or resistance to ideas and pressure others when deadlines have to be met.
  • Ask and listen first and have a friendly approach and the ability to influence and persuade others.
  • Meet people with ease and influence the CEO and VP, Treasury via accurate, big-picture, hands-on analysis to help find appropriately risked business opportunities and achieve profitable growth via wise investment.
  • Maintain confidentiality at all times. Always protect operations by keeping financial information and business plans confidential.

Position Responsibilities

  • Upon arrival, analyze land acquisition opportunities. Perform financial due diligence, analyze the market and advise on options being considered regarding type of products that these lands could be used for. Cash flow modelling of all new projects, including commercial and residential rental projects. Begin to assume responsibility and accountability for all new investment analysis and related communications to the VP, Treasury, CFO and CEO. 
  • Meet with the VP, Treasury, discuss and clarify role expectations and reporting timelines.  Within 30-60 days, learn the fundamentals of the company’s Timberline ERP (residential construction side of the business) and the newly implemented Yardi ERP (commercial construction side) systems and the current status of the Excel-based investment analysis spreadsheets. Discuss findings with the VP, Treasury and simultaneously gain his perspective regarding how best to implement any agreed upon changes to the current analysis framework.
  • Proactively identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats regarding the investment side of the business plans.
  • Begin to provide market, pricing and revenue analysis for upcoming projects and produce ad-hoc financial and market related reporting. Conduct in-depth financial and investment analysis.
  • With 60-90 days, perform comprehensive, bottom-up, due diligence on prospective land and development investments, including developing detailed financial models and investigations into potential private investment opportunities for the CEO and other Owners. This new role will help all members of the Ownership and senior leadership team to see the analytical, factual, backup information for their land acquisition, new project and external investments business decisions. The purpose is to help ensure fiscal responsibility for all new land acquisitions and other investment projects.
  • Within 90 days, be well integrated within the team, have built or refined the required, complex, financial models and effectively take over analyzing the land acquisition projects and some of the new investment opportunities under consideration by the Ownership team. 
  • Factoring in the strategic plan and the level(s) of risk which are suitable and/or conducive to be able to realistically achieve the growth plans, perform comprehensive analysis and due diligence on assigned investment opportunities.
  • Analyze the covenants, capital structures, financials and business plans of prospective business investments under consideration by the Ownership team. Help them make informed, buy/sell/invest/divest or don’t invest business decisions.
  • At approximately 120 -150 days, while continuing to learn about the business, become a trusted right-hand to the VP, Treasury and serve the CEO regarding effective analysis and due diligence whenever the deployment of excess funds into other alternative income generating investments is required. 
  • Begin to introduce ESG analysis for all current and prospective investments to help determine investment suitability even under unusual circumstances such as COVID 19, etc. Within, or soon after, approximately 365 days, keep learning more about the business and contribute during senior leadership team discussions regarding the overall business strategy and tactics. By successfully forming and maintaining strong business relationships within Treasury and Residential Construction be prepared, qualified and ready to become the leader of a Land Acquisitions & Investment Analysis department.
  • Other tasks and projects required of an energetic Sr. Financial Investment Analyst consistently looking to add value and then build an Land Acquisition & Investment Analysis team while working cooperatively and collaboratively within a positive, Owner managed, team environment.