Manager, Accounting – Future Controller

For over fifteen years, our customer has combined best-in-class strategy and design with turnkey project management and installation skills to help their name brand clients enhance the way people connect and interact with them. Their focus is on delivering exceptional branded environments, digital experiences and way-finding solutions. The business has grown to where a hands-on, value-adding, CPA is needed to take over full responsibility for the production of the financials; to help improve the administration of project costing, to perform hands-on, meaningful, financial analysis utilising Microsoft Excel and to learn the business so as to contribute as an eventual member of the senior management team. The business is profitable, getting prepared to grow and will look to the incoming Manager, Accounting to manage the financials, implement structure & monitor controls, manage the Bookkeeper and the external accountant business relationships. Upon successful completion of the above requirements, for the right person, further career progression towards becoming Controller will come under serious consideration.

Reporting directly to the entrepreneurial, co-owner, President; working in co-operation with the department heads and staff, the Manager, Accounting will work with the financials to ensure that the books, records and payroll are accurate and completed in a timely manner. Improving the job costing data input process, inventory control and month-end WIP (Work in Progress) reconciliations and adjustments and guiding each business towards even greater success are immediate requirements of the Manager, Accounting position.

The business does very interesting and creative work utilising highly talented people who are proud of what they do. This is a unique opportunity for a hands-on CPA with a good overall business sense – one who also likes to lead and manage staff and generally has a proactive, get-it-done, help-the team-succeed, spirit.

The salary range for this shared Manager, Accounting position is $70,000 to $86,000, (dependent upon experience) a company-wide discretionary bonus of up to 10%, benefits and payment of annual CPA membership & training/P.D. fees.

If you are or know of a hands-on Chartered Professional Accountant who has a thorough understanding of, and experience with, ASPE, is highly organised, feels very comfortable working hands-on and can effectively embrace the challenges associated with leading a small staff, please arrange for a resume to be sent to e-mail subject line: Manager, Accounting – Future Controller Application by February 28No agencies please.


Behavioural Requirements

The company requires a Manager, Accounting who:

  • Is highly organised, tidy in their work habits & workstation organisation and effective at leading and managing a Bookkeeper.
  • Has well developed verbal and written communication skills (English).
  • Is an effective communicator, a team player and a collaborator who will also maintain the confidentiality of sensitive information such as payroll.
  • Brings advanced, hands-on, skills with Microsoft Excel (Pivot Tables & V Look Ups) for the purposes of effective financial analysis.
  • Positively contributes utilising attention to detail and accuracy.
  • Consistently demonstrates the core values of the business – Creativity, Collaboration, & Commitment.
  • Consistently develops practical procedures and completes tasks through to conclusion.
  • Supports others and provides practical knowledge, competence and financial expertise.
  • Provides simple and/or practical solutions and ties up loose ends.
  • Is disciplined in developing organisational systems, procedures, rules and norms – providing the best solutions in terms of quality and cost.
  • Adopts an accommodating and helpful manner yet willing to contribute to business debate but, where necessary, accepts the objectives ultimately decided upon and then actively works, hands-on, within agreed parameters in order to ensure that the tasks/projects are completed.
  • While performing analysis work, adopts a professional, serious and questioning manner in order to assess situations and come to objective conclusions – basing finds on facts and quality information collected from others.
  • Consistently delivers meticulous attention to detail and accuracy in all work products and deliveribles.
  • Will embrace the challenge of performing both structured and ad hoc financial analysis that meets the requirements of the numbers-oriented President.
  • Collaborates with the department heads to significantly reduce random item descriptions and expense coding errors outside of Accounting.
  • Works directly with the President to advise and ensure effective and efficient financial management of the business.
  • Is a structured, organised and hard-working professional who is a self-starter and a professional who is genuinely proactive at finding and improving or refining processes that result in higher efficiency and/or reduced costs.
  • Brings strong and up-to-date ASPE and US GAAP knowledge for financial reporting.
  • Brings advanced skills in various types of accounting or productivity software. In particular, Pivot Table and V Look Up skills utilising Microsoft Excel.
  • Is approachable, methodical, self-disciplined, patient, logical, careful and diplomatic.
  • Has the ability to work in a fast paced environment while maintaining a calm, friendly and professional manner.
  • Is, and will consistently remain, a team player and leader on behalf of the best interests of the company.
  • Is a quick study and has the ability to grasp concepts and practices and see trends – thereby bringing superior investigative and hands-on analysis skills.
  • Is always honest, forthcoming and will consistently complete high quality work in a timely manner and will effectively guide and direct staff to do the same.
Position Requirements
Upon arrival, meet with the President, senior staff, the Bookkeeper and the recently retired Bookkeeperestablish and then actively maintain constructive business relationships with them. Learn about the current accounting structure for the business; the current procedures, software solutions (Quickbooks & Quick Base), the reporting requirements and start to plan and take action to ensure that each business will have the reporting and controls in place to ensure both compliance and the anticipated business growth.
Within 30 days, in conjunction with the Bookkeeper, maintain accurate books, records and reporting on a timely basis (within 21 days). Some review of and initial tidying up of the books, processes and procedures is required.
Review the work of the Bookkeeper and all future finance team members – coaching and training them. Manage staff performance by providing leadership and oversight of all invoice processing, A/R and A/P, journal entries and reconciliations.
Always ensure the financials are accurately prepared in accordance with ASPE.
Perform accurate and appropriate recording and analysis of revenues and expenses.
Prepare payroll and assist with payroll administration (current staff of approx. 25). Always ensuring confidentiality, compliance with relevant laws and regulations and integrity of the data.
Bring knowledge and effective administration of, or very quickly learn how to use, the EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) processes for the company.
Investigate and resolve any accounting discrepancies and irregularities.
After approximately 30 days, start working with the department heads and Project Managers to clean up and resolve the reason(s) for posting and invoice coding errors.
Within 60 days, invest time to set up the WIP (Work In Progress) processes and optimise inventory procedures within the Quickbooks system. The Manager, Accounting must know how to effectively use, or very quickly master, the Quickbooks system to properly track WIP and the inventory control process.
Work with the department heads and project managers to make sure they are updating & checking their forecasts for accuracy on a regular basis.
After approximately 60 days, set up a standard protocol for writing invoicing detail (coding) within Quickbooks.
Create relevant and meaningful financial analysis and interpretation of the monthly results utilising Microsoft Excel. And, completion of any ad hoc analysis and projects as required.
Set up the inventory system with correctly identified prices paid for all items. A larger finance department goal is to have the Quickbooks system provide correct reporting on the entire revenue and costs. And, begin to identify risks and opportunities and take action to optimise inventory management.
After approximately 90 days, start to see and have a good understanding of where finance fits in with the bigger picture of what each business is doing. Get in amongst the teams and making finance a core part of each department.
Within 120 days, start to produce numbers and meaningful business information that the President currently doesn’t have. A longer term goal is for the President to have a dashboard that tracks profitability for each project on a per hour basis.
At approximately 150 days, start to show some progress in assisting the other team members, the Project Managers in particular, regarding understanding the importance of accounting to them and their success.
Between approximately 180 and 365 days, show significant progress in recommending, creating, implementing, maintaining and controlling all policies and procedures related to the financial and business practices of the business.
Ensure the company is in compliance with all corporate income tax, commodity tax and any other governmental agency filing requirements.
Continuously monitor the project budgets and forecasting activities.
Continue to ensure accurate and timely monthly, quarterly and year-end close processes and, regularly & actively, seek opportunities to streamline them so more of the Manager, Accounting’s time can be allocated for financial & business analysis and other value-adding or more strategic contributions.
Prepare for and effectively coordinate the external Notice to Reader processes and related business relationships – May 31st year-end.
Monitor and support taxation requirements including filing HST, EHT, WSIB and other government required documents.
As required, manage any external audits by the government(s) and/or other regulatory bodies.
Ideally prior to one year, start to take over administration of vacation scheduling and administration for the company – additional HR administration services beyond WSIB and payroll.
After approximately one year, complete an objective assessment of whether or not the company should move to either to Quickbooks Online or another ERP solution and how best to link into the Quick Base solution so duplication of data entry requirements are significantly reduced – if not eliminated.
Other tasks and projects required of a Manager, Accounting consistently looking to add value beyond the fundamentals of running the numbers and timely reporting by demonstrating what can be done do help improve processes, staff performance and outcomes throughout the entire business so all future growth is structurally prepared for and profitable.
As the business grows and the requirements of finance expand, further career growth, towards becoming Controller will be considered for the Manager, Accounting who is able to elevate finance to the greater role of helping to run the businesses and contribute as a member of the senior teams.