Manager, Accounting – Future Controller

Our customer is a profitable and growing, Owner managed manufacturing company based in Mississauga. In 2016 the company purchased a 250 person, now profitable and growing, $51 + million automotive and appliance parts manufacturing company with two plants in Louisville, Kentucky. Kentucky is not only a very beautiful State but also where it is relatively easy to live well.

A US work permit will be organized by the Mississauga corporate head office for the Canadian CPA or finalist selected for this long term career opportunity in Louisville. Moving cost assistance will also be provided.

Due to the process improvement facilitation requirements of the Manager, Accounting position and the projected growth of the Louisville business, this is an upgraded position that will, when performed effectively, enable the Director, Finance, to whom this position reports directly to, to further progress within the company and thereby enable the Manager Accounting to become the company Controller. This Manager, Accountingfuture Controller position is responsible for performing general accounting/financial reporting duties, process clarification and improvement, standard costing on an activity-based costing level and meaningful variance analysis. Effective cost accounting skills will be taught by the Director, Finance if not yet a technical strength brought with the selected candidate. There are two other members of the Accounting staff, an A/P Accounting Clerk and an A/R Clerk, who work in conjunction with the Manager, Accounting. They will initially benefit from being influenced by the Manager, Accounting to improve their technical knowledge and skills. When the Manager, Accounting successfully transitions to become Controller, the A/P and A/R Accounting staff will then become formal direct reports.

Maintaining the three-four day month-end financial reporting timeline, improving processes within and outside of Accounting, getting and maintaining a thorough understanding of the business operations via an in-depth understanding of cost drivers by performing effective cost accounting, finding variances and ways to improve performance throughout the operations are the hands-on focus of this position. Once those vital functions are effectively being enhanced on a consistent basis, the Manager, Accounting will begin to focus on developing KPI reporting within Excel and thereby come under serious consideration for promotion.

The salary range for this Manager, Accounting position is $67,000 to $79,000 US, (dependent upon experience and performance) benefits including, health and dental care, 401K with company match of 1%, payment of annual CPA membership & training/P.D. fees and a profit-based bonus. Upon promotion to Controller, the compensation range will move to $80,000 to $93,000 US plus benefits and bonus.

If you are or know of a hands-on Chartered Professional Accountant or finalist who would like to live and work in beautiful and affordable Kentucky and will be eligible for a US work visa/permit arrange for by the company, please arrange for a resume to be sent to e-mail subject line: Louisville Manager, Accounting Application by April 26.

Please see position behaviors and responsibilities details below. No agencies please.

Position Behaviours:

  • Proactively analyze current accounting processes, formally map them out, refine them and begin to influence the adoption of the resulting changes by explaining why they are needed, what they are and how to deliver on them successfully.
  • Utilizing meaningful and accurate information, influence positive, profit enhancing, change throughout the company.
  • Research and use logic to report factual information and be capable of working within a manufacturing environment to assist the operations and production leaders by accurately establishing and refining product costing, financial reporting, margin and variance analysis.
  • Set clear work objectives for self and informally for the the A/P and A/R Clerks (who perform payroll, A/P, A/R and journal entry functions), monitor progress and applying a systematic and logical approach in order to introduce process improvements while continuing to get things right and report accurately and on time.
  • Bring attention to detail, ensuring quality and standards.
  • Be disciplined in regularly developing organizational systems, procedures, rules and controls and thereby increase efficiency and reduce error to a minimum. (It is important to have and consistently maintain an attitude that this work is never really ever completely done and incredibly valuable to the success of the business).
  • Within a plant environment, work with cost accounting and Microsoft Excel formulas (Pivot Tables & V Look Ups) and provides accurate and timely product and materials costing and thereby improve the accuracy of the financial reporting. (If needed, the Director, Finance will teach the effective cost accounting skill which are vital to the position.)
  • Seek ways of improving procedures, raising standards, reducing time required to complete tasks, reduce errors and overcome omissions. (Particular focus is on improving input procedures into the Plex ERP system throughout the organization.
  • Be personally disciplined and work to a high specification in order to improve and maintain quality.
  • Work persistently when gathering information and seeking solutions to problems. – not becoming overwhelmed when finding solutions becomes challenging.
  • Provide a high level of internal or external customer satisfaction and provide satisfactory solutions in situations involving the new and unexpected. (For example, new product development, cost analysis.)
  • Draw conclusions by probing into things and contemplate the consequences of any actions you recommend by proving the reliability of the available information.
  • The ideal Manager, Accounting – future Controller will be logical, systematic, accurate, methodical, probing, objective, self-reliant and yet a team player, challenging towards information and inquisitive by nature.
  • Hands-on, effective use of MS Excel, V Look Ups, Pivot Tables, complicated formulas evaluating data imported from Plex to Excel skills are required. Work with the information in Excel and produce meaning costing, margin, variance analysis and eventually develop KPI reporting.
  • Excellent oral and written communications skills (English).
  • Interested in and/or prepared to learn how to effectively manage experienced, non-CPA, accounting staff who are currently under the management umbrella of the MBA Director, Finance.
  • Strong, positive, business values and ethics and able to implement. maintain and/or enhance controls appropriate for an Owner managed, business environment. Successful change is explained, encouraged, influenced and treated as a project so the team outside of Accounting buy in and feel they are part of the success. The business culture considers it a failure to impose change by dictating it.
  • Comfortable regularly coming out of the office into the production area to gather information, establish and maintain positive business relationships resulting in the most helpful, meaningful and understandable reporting that assists operations and other non-financial professionals become even more efficient and/or cost effective.
  • Quickly learn and effectively use the Plex ERP software solution.
  • Be proactive in regularly helping to company to continue its turn around and growth towards becoming a well-oiled machine so it is ready to continue to grow and become even more profitable.
  • Embrace the team culture where formal business titles are left outside the door during all business meetings.


Position Responsibilities:

  • Upon arrival, actively and in detail, learn about the business on the production floor, understand the reporting requirements and how to use and manage the Plex ERP system. Begin to become a Plex expert so non-financial management will readily and consistently embrace the data input improvements requested of them and their staff.
  • Within 30 days, learn and become a key, hands-on, participant in the US GAAP month-end close process. Currently month-end close is achieved in three-four business day. Then, in collaboration with the Director, Finance, consistently look to improve the reporting accuracy and controls so greater efficiencies can be realized throughout the various operations team. The position focus is towards consistently and progressively having a positive effect upon profit margins while also ensuring protection of company assets.
  • Personally perform and influence and/or guide the A/P Clerk and an A/R Clerk, to accurately facilitate journal entries and account reconciliations. At first, become the informal Accounting team leader and, with the guidance of the Director, Finance, prepare to become the formal manager and be promoted to Controller.
  • Personally complete the weekly freight audit and create and issue debit/credit memos and manual invoices as needed.
  • Work with the quality department to process all vendor charge backs.
  • Personally perform day-to-day accounting operations and monthly financial reporting functions and help to Clerks to evolve their knowledge and skills in these tasks.
  • Review all non-production purchase orders to ensure proper general ledger account coding.
  • Within 60 days, develop a broad understanding of the manufacturing processes.
  • At approximately 60 days or ASAP, under the guidance of the Director, Finance, start to mesh with and act as a team member. Especially form a positive performance-based business relationship with the Director of Manufacturing – who was an Accountant in the past.
  • After 60 days or as soon as practical, review and analyze Purchase Price Variance accounts. Analyze vendor PO charges and reconcile to division purchasing guidance.
  • Work with the materials department to ensure all inventory parts are costed properly. And work the the divisional purchasing group to resolve any production PO issues to ensure vendors are paid timely and at proper cost.
  • At or soon after 90 days, begin to learn the standard costing methods (within an activity-based costing framework) from the Director, Finance and have formed positive business relationships with the operations leaders and the Accounting Clerks.
  • Monitor and update inventory standard costs and, by positively affecting data input procedures and processes outside of Accounting, address the current inventory accuracy challenge.
  • Produce standard costing for new products and materials, monitor inventory costs, variances and the BOM (Bill of Materials). Help the operations leaders and the President to better understand what is driving the costs and variances to budget so timely adjustments and improvements can be made.
  • Perform quarterly inventory standard roll, calculate the financial impact and keep all documentation.
  • Analyze the current PO costs verses inventory standards to determine if adjustments need to be made.
  • Work with divisional purchasing group to resolve any production PO issues to ensure vendors are paid timely and at proper cost.
  • Within 120 days, personally produce variance analysis reporting that is easily understood by and thereby helpful to non-financial professional management leaders and manager. Utilize this quality information to positively influence profit enhancement throughout the organization and in operations in particular.
  • Between 8 and 16 months, working under the supervision and direction of the Director, Finance, help produce the bottom up generated budget utilizing Microsoft Excel.
  • Personally administer the W-2 and 1099 tax forms for employees and contract workers. And, ensure that all corporate tax return related financial data is provided to the external accountants in a timely manner and then monitor and grow positive business relationships with the related representatives from the external accounting firm in Louisville.
  • Assist the Director, Finance with preparations for the annual external audit/review. Liaise with and provide the external auditors everything they require for the year-end full audit (Dec. 31st. year-end).
  • Other tasks, assignments, projects and reporting requirements required of a financial professional looking to serve as a highly effective process improvement and key financial professional team mate within a the Louisville, Kentucky arm of a private business managed by two Canadian Owners – one of whom is a CPA, CA. Taking reporting and management tasks off the Director, Finance’s plate and thereby earning promotion to Controller.