Finance Director, West Niagara Region

Our customer is an established, profitable, family owned, professionally managed, group of four businesses based in West Niagara. This Finance Director position assists the divisional CEO/President and is responsible for two of the four business units by effectively managing the accounting and finance operations; including financial reporting, budgeting, financial controls to mitigate risk, cash flow analysis and management and staff leadership/management. Ensure all reporting is accurate, delivered on time and in full compliance with ASPE, CRA, provincial tax requirements and all other regulatory requirements.

The Finance Director position reports directly to the division’s CEO/President with a dotted line to the CPA, CA Group CFO/Board Chair. The Finance Director is responsible for proactively leading, managing and developing two non-designated direct reports (the Accounting Manager and the Sr. Accountant – who attend to many of the day-to-day transaction processing requirements), – plus a team of 4 indirect reports, and the Purchasing Manager plus a team of 1.5 indirect reports. The position is also responsible for effective, hands-on, cash flow management and analysis, foreign exchange, financial analysis, costing, inventory management, KPI development & reporting, proactively participating in the annual strategic planning sessions and then coordinating the annual business planning and budgeting processes – all performed by working collaboratively with all functional groups and, the external accountants.

The salary range for this Finance Director position in West Niagara region is $110,000 to $135,000, (dependent upon experience and performance) benefits and payment of annual CPA membership & training/P.D. fees and a divisional performance bonus. Please also note that, with time and success in the Finance Director position, for the right incumbent, future career development towards the Group CFO position will likely come under consideration.

If you are or know of a highly skilled with financial reporting, Microsoft Excel for analysis & KPI development, staff and process organisation and leadership Chartered Professional Accountant, please arrange for a resume to be sent sent to  e-mail subject line: West Niagara Finance Director Application by February 8.

Please see behavioural and job description details below. No agencies please.

Position Behaviours

  • Drive, self-confidence, accuracy and the ability to proactively help the divisional CEO/President achieve profitable results.
  • A proven, hands-on, ability to effectively analyse financial data and prepare financial reports, statements and projections.
  • Self-starting, competitive, imaginative, enthusiastic, self-confident, inspiring, logical, systematic and precise.
  • Keep pressure on staff, others and self to meet deadlines in an environment which could have variety and interruption.
  • Communicate effectively with staff and others and work within defined parameters, while at the same time retaining standards and making things happen quickly and accurately.
  • Encourage staff and others to communicate effectively and, through example and expertise, help create an involved atmosphere of staff participation.
  • Use researched factual information when solving problems and contributing to strategic planning.
  • Personally gather facts and figures, monitor self and others and achieve financial reporting deadlines and business goals in a timely and factual manner.
  • Focus on results and willingly tackle problems or conflicts which threaten their achievement.
  • Be systematic and logical in approach to the work and financial analysis; ensuring that all the necessary facts and information are available and accurate and that the business decisions taken by the division’s CEO/President are well informed and astute.
  • Strong people management and development skills. Involve staff and management in decision making involving their area or department.
  • Effective attention to detail and a high degree of accuracy.
  • Hands-on experience creating and managing budgets.
  • Bring technical proficiency with cash analysis and forecasting functions.
  • Well developed knowledge of federal and provisional tax regulations.
  • Methodical, dependable, timely and objective servicing at a high level for both internal and external customers (CEO/President. Group CFO, bank,external auditors,gov’ts).
  • Analyse data, prepare financial reports, statements and projections and deliver controls, business planning and effective asset management.
  • Able to work effectively within a multi-tasking environment where work interruption occurs but still maintain accuracy, attention to detail and timeliness.
  • Bring strong knowledge of best practices in financial reporting, internal controls, policies and procedures.
  • Work effectively with the divisional CEO/President, the Group CFO/Board Chair, the Sales Director, the Operations Director and the Production Manager as a team player. The truly successful Finance Director will not only have their own department’s and personal work responsibilities well covered but, will actively reach out to and consult with the other department leaders, form alliances and proactively learn what, how and why things are done outside of finance. Positive, team oriented communication equals success beyond the fundamentals.
  • Actively participate and contribute to annual strategic planning session which feeds into the budgeting process coordinated by the Finance Director.
  • Excellent oral and written communications skills (English).
  • Organised in hands-on work requirements and able to effectively plan, organise and develop those behaviours in staff.
  • Actively and effectively provide direction and coaching for the Finance and Purchasing teams.
  • Strong, positive, business values and ethics and able to design and implement controls appropriate for an privately owned business.
  • Understand and/or quickly learn the company’s cost accounting and margin analysis requirements.
  • Hands-on, effective use of, or able to very quickly learn, MS Excel ,V Look Ups and Pivot Table skills required for ad hoc and KPI report development and ongoing refinement.
  • Quickly learn and effectively use the legacy, in-house developed, software solution. And, when/where appropriate, explore new ERP or financial software solutions for the divisional CEO/President to consider.
  • Actively participate in meetings and other activities related to the role – including annual strategic planning sessions.
  • Work in compliance with company policies/procedures and the Occupational Health & Safety Act.

Position Responsibilities

  • Upon arrival, evaluate the accounting policies, processes and internal control systems, actively look for opportunities to maximise efficiency and minimise risk. Understand and improve policies and procedures and/or month-end checklist for the department, train and develop staff so greater efficiencies are realised and improved accuracy of the financial statements is achieved. The Group CFO and the bank need full confidence in the timeliness and accuracy of the financial reporting.
  • Maintain overall responsibility for the planning, direction and execution of all accounting operational functions by overseeing the preparation of accurate monthly financial statements for the division and related holding companies – 9 business days after month-end is the current goal.
  • Locate, understand and professionally address where any gaps with CRA (HST/GST) and bank reporting requirements are, address and mitigate them on a go forward basis.
  • Provide hands-on expertise and oversight in the areas of cash flow management, inventory management, foreign exchange management, costing, pricing and margin analysis.
  • With a focus on improving or enhancing processes, procedures and/or controls, meet with the Accounting and Purchasing staff, form and maintain positive, proactive and productive business relationships and enhance their professional services and development in the best interests of the division and their career development within the company.
  • Within 30 days, develop a broad understanding of the perishable packaged goods processes.
  • Monitor royalties, utilities and other major expenses.
  • After approximately 30 days, ensure that the month-end checklist is completed and then monitor and coach staff for consistent process completion on a go forward basis.
  • Complete a review and begin to refresh or overhaul to the financial controls.
  • Around 30 days, take responsibility for bank covenant reporting and banking, insurance and CRA matters. There after, provide accurate and timely corporate compliance reporting.
  • Oversee regulatory compliance and reporting including GST/HST, corporate taxes, etc.
  • Analyse and report on the company’s financial results with respect to profits, trends, costs and budget variances.
  • At or before 60 days, personally, consistently provide accurate, monthly, Cash Flow analysis and management.
  • Between 60-90 days, address the current problem with fixed asset management administration by creating a sub-ledger to capture the fixed assets and develop a consistent approach for recording and properly depreciating assets. Thereby, enable the divisional CEO/President and/or the Group CFO/Board Chair o proactively look ahead at asset depreciation and plan accordingly.
  • Between 90 and 180 days, personally utilising Microsoft Excel skills, define, develop and start tracking Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reporting for the divisional CEO/President to be able to intelligently decide what issues require attention.
  • By 180 days have garnered enough understanding of the businesses to positively contribute to wider discussions and have formed positive and productive business relationships with the CEO/President and Group CFO/Board Chair.
  • Support the Sales Director by providing accurate, per customer, information regarding profit margin as well as which products are selling well and are the most and least profitable.
  • Support the annual strategic planning process by providing thoughtful business input, helpful information and analysis.
  • Coordinate the post strategic plan annual business planning and budgeting processes – working collaboratively with functional groups.
  • Act as primary liaison for external auditors (October 31st year-end, full audit) and provide accurate and timely financial information for their tax compliance duties.
  • Other tasks, reporting requirements and participation in special projects required of a senior financial professional looking to serve as a highly effective right-hand financial and Accounting and Purchasing staff leader for a CEO/President looking to intelligently and profitability grow the business based upon meaningful, summary, analysis information personally created by the Finance Director.