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Our customer is a well establishing, multiple award winning, stable, profitable and growing residential, commercial construction and land development company with a results oriented, friendly and respectful business culture. The company is also formally structured with charitable, local community volunteer and financial donations built right into the daily operations of the business. The company is getting set to expand into even larger development projects and requires a hands-on Controller to streamline the financial processes, create efficiencies which proactively enable further growth and effectively analyze performance.

The Controller position is focused on improving financial reporting and efficiencies, clarifying, refining, formalizing and actively monitoring company-wide policies and procedures which reduce risks throughout the business, contributions to senior executive team strategic planning via hands-on financial and business analysis,backed up by hands-on financial and business analysis, working cooperatively with the VP, Chief Legal Officer of the financial aspects of contracts, leading the insurance, external accounting and tax relationships and being flexible enough to pitch in wherever needed while always effectively managing and delivering analysis support to the CEO.

The salary range for this Controller position is $100,000 to $130,000, (dependent upon experience) a 15-25 % performance-based bonus, comprehensive benefits (100% coverage for medical, dental, vision and prescription drugs for the employee, spouse and children), a company matched 1% of annual salary RRSP after one year of service and reimbursement of all CPA and ongoing professional development fees.

If you are or know of a results-oriented, hands-on with Microsoft Excel for financial and business analysis Chartered Professional Accountant business leader who can energetically multi-task while consistently delivering on mandated functions and effectively guide and motivate staff, communicate effectively with the in-house legal counsel the insurance brokers and external tax professionals, please arrange for a resume to be sent to e-mail subject line: Stoney Creek Controller by November 1st.

Please see position behaviours and responsibilities details below. No agencies please.

Position Behaviours:

      • Use researched, factual, information when solving problems and apply logic when handling hands-on analysis utilizing Microsoft Excel – V Look Up and Pivot Table skills required.
      • A self-starter who is competitive, imaginative, enthusiastic, self-confident (without being arrogant), inspiring, logical, pragmatic, systematic and precise.
      • Confident to stand up, define structure and always be accountable to the entity, first and foremost, and then the Owner(s).
      • Openly communicate, communicate, communicate! This is a communication, financial reporting and hands-on financial and business analysis Controller position. Silo’d thinking and/or withholding information from members of the senior management team or the CEO is unacceptable. Always keep the COO in the loop and maintain an open-door policy for staff.
      • Always finish what you agree to do and push details to the end. Never be crafty or manipulative or try to shirk responsibility or accountability.
      • Be resolute in focusing on results, and if these are threatened be prepared to tackle any problems or conflicts which get in the way, effectively dealing with people despite their importance.
      • Responsibly challenge the status quo in order to achieve or enhance a business culture dedicated to continuous improvement and best practice.
      • Appropriately make decisions in a timely manner while at the same time ensuring others follow similar principles.
      • Assert authority in order to meet agreed time frames and deadlines and overcome any problems which may get in the way of there achievement.
      • Consistently communicate and encourage people to communicate effectively and through example and expertise create a more participative and involved work atmosphere.
      • Regularly and consistently encourage a high level of performance in self, staff and others.
      • Personally (hands-on) gather facts and figures, monitor self and others and achieve goals in a timely and factual manner.
      • Enjoy the challenge of problem solving and come up with well thought through, practical, solutions.
      • Be alert to changing situations, show flexibility in approach, adaptability in difficult circumstances and continuously strive to achieve a result. Don’t wait to be asked to get involved whenever and wherever you can. The ‘That’s not my job attitude’ is not acceptable from any member of the management team.
      • Bring strategic awareness and a competitive nature.
      • Be persuasive, verbal, mobile, energetic, fast paced, flexible, systematic, self-disciplined, adaptable, accurate and detailed.
      • Inspire the Finance department staff via use of influence and persuasion skills.
      • Be logical, systematic and precise whenever proposing ideas, opportunities and solutions to the CEO – with the detailed data at hand to back-up each submission.
      • Always bring strong, positive, business values and ethics and the ability to implement and/or maintain controls appropriate for a private business. Doing right is always the right thing to do!
      • Encourage staff and others to communicate effectively and through example and expertise create a participation focused and involved team atmosphere.
      • Help improve the bottom line by wisely saving money and/or reducing costs and improving efficiencies.
      • Quickly learn and effectively use the Timberline software solution. In cooperation with the IT Manager, consider other, more robust, computer solutions.
      • Always and only be honest, ethical, up-front and respectful during all verbal and written communications with everyone inside and outside the organization. And, do your best to never tell the CEO about a problem that you haven’t first thought about solution options to consider.
      • Being across department communicative and non-silo’d in thinking and action are vitally important behaviours expected of the Controller.
Position Responsibilities:
    • Upon arrival, invest time, attention and listening skills to learn about the business units, the people, the current processes and policies and procedures and develop positive, trust-based, company-wide business relationships.
    • Begin to meet with the accounting staff, understand their needs, form positive business relationships with them and the external accountants who perform Notice-to-Reader and/or Review and tax advisory and tax compliance work for the company. The Controller needs be knowledgeable about ASPE and know enough about corporate tax to be able to successfully identify correct accounting procedures which legally enable tax minimization – as well as bring a working knowledge of HST.
    • Work in conjunction with the outside tax advisers to effectively present personal tax minimization options for the Owners.
    • Within 30 days, assume total oversight of the financial and accounting processes and then begin to professionally lead and guide the direct report accounting staff (7).
    • After obtaining input regarding policies, procedures and controls from the VP of Treasury and the COO, start to improve the structure of how Finance functions so greater efficiencies and reduced monthly and year-end reporting timelines are achieved. Year-end needs to be reduced to three months.
    • Begin to enhance, build and maintain a solid Finance team for years to come.
    • With 45 days, form a positive business relationship with the VP, Chief Legal Officer and proactively work in co-operation with legal on the numbers side of all business contracts. Effective, regular, communications with the VP, Chief Legal Officer is the key to successful delivery on this job requirement.
    • Soon after 45 days, start the process of refining the financial and tax reporting processes so financial reporting becomes standardized, more timely and tightly managed. And, personally work hands-on to elevate the reporting and analysis to meet the CEO’s needs and expectations.
    • Assess and take action to improve the reporting and budgeting for the Land Development division.
    • Within 60 days, in co-ordination with the VP of Treasury, personally perform monthly Cash Flow Analysis and summary reporting functions.
    • At approximately 90 days, develop a formal plan to improve current financial and reporting processes, procedures and controls. Once approved by the COO and/or CEO, influence and develop staff regarding the need for the changes by effectively explaining the benefits for the business when more-timely, monthly, reporting is realized. Then, work with and train staff to implement and maintain the new performance requirements and actively enforce the controls.
    • Know and understand the numbers and stay on top of them so the CEO’s questions about variances are, with few exceptions, readily answered.
    • Soon after approximately 90 days or as soon as possible, actively monitor and manage the telecommunications plan(s), oversee the property taxes and insurance policies – making sure appropriate insurance is always in place and old policies are cancelled as soon as assets are disposed of and costs are kept as low as possible.
    • After 120 days, begin to obtain information from various team leaders and senior management and, utilizing Microsoft Excel, begin the process of putting together the annual budget and one year rolling forecast – with the ability to compare to historical data. The successful candidate will know how to develop, create, define, manage and defend structure and budgets designed to accommodate profitable ongoing business growth. The establishment of a meaningful annual budget will ideally result in the CEO not having to approve of business purchases which are already budgeted for.
    • Begin the process of assembling, developing from scratch and delivering a five year plan in accordance with the CEO’s thinking and wishes.
    • By approximately 150 days, assist the Property Management team with effective financial management, analysis regarding progress and general oversight of that business unit.
    • By 180 days, have made significant inroads towards generating the format of the reporting as per the CEO’s needs and then continuously enhance it to deliver upon next level desires.
    • Around 210 days, primarily by developing company-wide, meaningful, metrics utilizing Microsoft Excel, earn the confidence of the senior management team and management staff so they feel comfortable establishing and working towards achievable performance goals/metrics. Set up the system so each business unit leader can actively monitor the established their teams’ metrics and dynamically see variances. This company-wide metrics project leadership is expected to also enable the Controller and the COO to provide ever better financial and strategic advice to the senior executive team and CEO.
    • In conjunction and co-operation with the VP & Chief Legal Officer, take over full responsibility for the financial portion of the insurance contract(s) and renewal negotiations and related relationship management. Always staying on top of things so insurance is never being paid on assets which have already been disposed of and/or sold.
    • Via effective, hands-on, financial analysis, assist the COO and CEO with strategic thinking that contributes towards shaping the direction and focus each business unit. From the financial perspective, lead the business in the right direction and help keep things on the right, fiscally responsible yet still enterprising, path. Assertively give recommendations to the CEO as to where best to focus attention and thereby responsibly influence the pace and direction of company objectives and initiatives – always giving honest feedback.
    • At approximately 365 days, in cooperation with the related business unit leader(s), working hands-on, finish developing next years business plans and budgets and present to the CEO for review, revision and approval.
    • Annually, liaise with and provide accurate and timely financial information to the external accountants for Notice-to-Reader or Review and tax compliance purposes – February year and a non revenue generating unit has a September year-end.
    • By approximately one year, working in cooperation with the IT Manager, present a cost benefit and features analysis recommending a new ERP solution for the company to acquire and implement – including a fully costed budget for product acquisition and successful implementation.
    • Other tasks, projects and reporting requirements required of a senior Controller looking to serve as a highly effective financial leader within an privately owned, profitable and growing. real estate development business.