Controller – Hamilton

Our Hamilton customer is an established, ISO certified, dynamic, private, profitable, steadily growing, construction company with four holding companies. Due to the anticipated further, likely to be rapid, growth of the construction business the leadership team is looking to add a highly competent, self-directed, attentive to detail, systematic and precise, results focused CPA or finalist CPA Controller to the team. 

This newly created Controller position reports directly to the CPA Director, Finance and works cooperatively with the President and the rest of the leadership team. Hands-on, the Controller will focus on accurate and timely financial reporting; meaningful financial & business analysis, Internal Controls monitoring & development, helping with KPI development and effective staff management functions. Once established in the Controller position, assisting the Director, Finance with budgeting, forecasting and potential acquisitions analysis functions will be required. This is a fast-paced organization where the Controller will be able to have a positive impact on the business and, with time, grow professionally.

The salary range for this Controller position is $96,000 to $126,000, (dependent upon experience)comprehensive benefits, including a matched 5% of salary RRSP program after one year of service, reimbursement of all CPA membership and ongoing professional development fees and participation in the company bonus plan and corporate performance-based bonus. If you are or know of an accurate; hands-on with accounting, financial reporting and analysis (Excel Pivot Table & V Lookup skills required), results-oriented Chartered Professional Accountant or finalist CPA, please arrange for a resume to be sent to client0420@financialinterviewer.come-mail subject line: Hamilton Controller by May 14.

Construction industry audit or hands-on experience is preferred but isn’t as essential as candidates with the required mindset. The natural disposition of being self-motivated to put in the required work and take responsibility/ownership of the Finance team’s output is required. Please see position behaviours and responsibilities details below:  No agencies please.

Position Behaviours

*Be self-directed while personally performing and overseeing all financial and accounting activities. The ability to work independently, take initiative, set priorities and see projects through to completion is required.
*Consistently work in an effective and professional manner in a very fast paced environment which quickly moves forward with new business opportunities. The Controller needs to respond quickly and professionally to changes in priorities while at the same time work within set guidelines and achieve reporting deadlines.
*Provide leadership and support to the Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable functions.
*Provide the best solutions in terms of quality and cost while always focusing on information accuracy.
*Support the Director, Finance in both the financial, market and business analysis functions.
*Work closely with the Director, Finance to enhance the company’s financial reporting and forecasting processes.
*Bring and maintain impeccable analytical and organizational skills.
*Work well under stringent time constraints and work to high specification in order to improve and maintain quality.
*The Controller role requires a person who completes tasks, is self-starting, competitive, imaginative, enthusiastic, self-confident, inspiring, logical, systematic and precise.
*Set clear objectives, monitor progress, take corrective action and control performance levels of self and the two direct reports. Actively and effectively assess the skills of and manage, supervise, train, encourage, support and lead the Accounting staff.
*Enjoy the challenge of problem solving through analysis and come up with well thought through practical solutions.
*Bring a sense of urgency to situations, demonstrate an active approach and be willing to get personally involved in order to increase the pace and achieve goals and objectives.
*Have drive, assertion and the ability to communicate with others and maintain a positive perfectionist approach to all accounting tasks and the resulting financial reporting.
*Involve yourself in researching facts, figures and new ideas, as well as maintaining standards and quality.
*Communicate effectively (oral & written English) and, through example and expertise, help create and/or ensure a participative and involved work and team atmosphere.
*Respectfully assert quality thinking and financial wisdom into all business discussions. Courteously push back whenever potential actions are likely to hinder profitable business growth, create unnecessary risk or stray from the company’s stated goals. Speak up right away when you see something that suggests to you that a better or different action should be considered. Never behave like a yes person.
*Where appropriate, make business decisions in a timely and appropriate manner while keeping the Director, Finance involved and appropriately informed. 
*Maintain confidentiality of pertinent data. Always protect operations by keeping financial information and business plans confidential.
*Openly communicate. This is a communication, financial reporting, hands-on financial and business analysis position. Silo thinking and/or non-collaboration or non-co-operative behaviour will not fit within the business’ team culture. 
*Always and only be honest, ethical, up-front and respectful during all verbal and written communications with everyone inside and outside the organization.

Position Responsibilities:

Upon arrival, begin to learn the Maestro ERP system, explore current policies, procedures and controls and proactively work to ensure a positive transfer of the accounting, financial reporting and analysis functions from the Director, Finance. Hands-on accounting and reporting functions for the holding group of companies is where the Controller will initially focus during the start of the transition process. 

Meet with the Accounting staff (1 A/R\Project Accountant\Payroll person and 1 A/P person), understand their work tasks, assess their skills and consult with the Director, Finance about ways they can improve their contributions. Form positive, professional, relationships as the team’s new manager and then start to provide and/or organize training, coaching, guidance and support that will meet the department’s service enhancement objectives. And, personally learn to do the functions to be able to support the A/P function including coding and reviewing invoices and expense reports and act as back-up to the project accounting role during staff vacations and other absences. Assist with weekly Payroll input – prequalification preparation and preparing monthly progress draws.

Hands-on, utilizing ASPE, the Controller is responsible for all General Ledger accounting functions, including journal entries, bank rec’s and detailed reconciliations of all GL accounts and month and year-end closings within the Maestro system.

The Controller is personally responsible for completing the monthly, quarterly and yearly HST returns and ensuring that all government remittances are completed in an accurate and timely manner (WSIB, HST and annually the corporate tax information). The corporate tax return work is completed by the external accounting firm.

At approximately 30 days, start form positive business relationships with the Director, Finance, the President, HR and other senior operational team leaders and begin to understand their financial and business information needs and future expectations. 

Invest time, attention and listening skills to learn about the business – what they do, how they do it, the types of labour and equipment required and who the major suppliers are. Begin to get to know the people involved throughout the business by inquiring about the current processes, controls, policies and procedures and thereby start to develop positive, trust-based, companywide, business relationships. Always be on the look out for better ways to do things and opportunities to improve Controls so all future business growth will be as secure and profitable as practical.

Learn the terminology used within the industry and the construction accounting methods required – (Project Accounting, Progress Billing, etc.) Please note, the office environment is similar to a construction site location – where communications are sometimes passionate and salty language is likely to be heard.

Within 60 days, become proficient with standard construction contract and investment project contract terms and how they are applied in the billing process.

Perform the daily cash reporting as well as the weekly cash flow for the Director, Finance to review and then discuss to determine actions to be taken.

Set up new construction projects in the Maestro‘s Accounting module.

Create and present a written plan to address the most apparent opportunities for improvement in controls, methods and procedures within Accounting and then regularly keep an indirect focus for improvement opportunities throughout the business.

At approximately 90 days, in preparation for next year’s budget (the first formal budget for the business), work along with the Director, Finance who is responsible for delivering and maintaining the annual budget and monthly forecasting processes.

For the construction business, start to take on responsibility for compiling and analyzing the financial reporting and monthly reports. Deliver the financial results, including variance reporting and key metrics, as they start to come on-line, for the Director, Finance to review.

Generally provide analytical, forecasting, reporting and project support to senior management.
Focus on clear and concise forecasting and planning and variance analysis to rapidly assist the senior executives run the business more efficiently. Always help the executives to take information-based, wise, corrective action and thereby optimize the business.

Know and understand the numbers and stay on top of them so the President’s questions about variances or potential errors are anticipated and/or quickly and accurately addressed. Work to help solve underlying problems rather than just simply making corrective journal entries.

Between 120 and 150 days, the Controller needs to be fundamentally independent in providing the financial reporting and analysis functions for the entire group of businesses – thereby enabling the Director, Finance to take on more and more of the senior financial leadership functions.

Begin to make in-roads regarding the labour reporting that the company will start regularly performing.

Assist with the effective role out of the Mobile Time Sheets module with Maestro.

Support the Director, Finance with improving the long term forecasting and cash planning.

At approximately 180 days, assist the Director, Finance to create and/or refine an annual budget template in preparation for the team’s first, formal, corporate budget. The budget process and template will need to advance in efficiency and quality in subsequent years – until either bottom-up or activity-based budgeting process is ultimately realized.

By 210 days, have earned the confidence of the Director, Finance and the President so they correctly perceive that the Controller is not only providing the required month-end reporting and analysis functions, accurately and on time, but the communications within the Accounting department are positively enhanced. The executives will need to see that the financial and labour reporting, analysis and staff management tasks are all being effectively performed.

At approximately 240 days, utilizing Microsoft Excel, working cooperatively with the Director, Finance, assist with the further development of companywide KPIs and a KPI summary sheet for senior management.

Utilizing effective, accurate, hands-on, financial analysis, meaningfully assist the Director, Finance with the analysis portion of strategic planning which contributes towards shaping the future direction and focus of the businesses. Contribute your own thoughts wherever possible and thereby always help steer the business in the best financial direction(s). Wherever possible, share information with senior management and openly discuss ideas and options that are perhaps not already under consideration.

Annually liaise with and provide accurate and timely financial information to the external accountants for their Notice-to-Reader and corporate tax services. (Oct. 31st. year-end) 

Under the guidance of the Director, Finance, become a valued financial manager by directly answering the President’s variance questions. 

Support the Director, Finance regarding any government audits.

After approximately 365 days actively assist the Director, Finance by participating in acquisition targeting, analysis and the resulting integration functions.

Assist with any version upgrades to the Maestro ERP system and any other new software implementation projects affecting Accounting.

Other tasks, projects and reporting requirements required of a Controller looking to serve as a highly effective financial manager within a privately owned, profitable and growing construction company plus four holding companies – helping the businesses to grow as efficiently as possible.