Our customer a prominent leader and one of Ontario’s most established companies in the land development, low rise and high rise building and capital asset management business. They are a multiple award winning, stable, profitable and growing, residential & commercial construction and land development company with a results-oriented, friendly and respectful business culture. The company regularly invests in the community via charitable (local volunteer and financial) donations which are built right into the structure of the business. The company is expanding into new sectors and requires a hands-on Controller to lead and manage the Accounting department functions and staff (2 Staff Accountants and help hire an Accounting Manager or Assistant Controller), perform and lead variance analysis work and contribute to the CFO’s budgeting, planning, forecasting and KPI development & monitoring focus.

The salary range for this Controller position is $125,000 to $140,000, (dependent upon experience) a 20-25 % performance-based bonus, comprehensive benefits (100% coverage for medical, dental, vision and prescription drugs for the employee, spouse and children), a company matched 1% of annual salary RRSP after one year of service and reimbursement of all CPA and ongoing professional development fees.

The Controller position leads and personally provides the financial reporting and decision support functions while also assisting the CFO as the Ownership team’s analysis based influencers of progressive and corrective recommendations throughout the operations. Reporting directly to the CFO and dotted line to the CEO, the Controller will bring both financial reporting, hands-on variance analysis skills and profit enhancement discipline to the business.  

If you are or know of a results-oriented, hands-on with Microsoft Excel for financial, business and variance analysis CPA or CFA who can energetically multi-task while consistently delivering on mandated functions and effectively lead, guide and motivate the Accounting team and influence positive change via Excel-based KPI development and reporting, please arrange for a resume to be sent to client0918@financialinterviewer.come-mail subject line: Stoney Creek Controller by January 31. Please see position behaviours and responsibilities details below:  No agencies please.

Position Behaviours

  • Use researched, factual, information when solving problems and apply logic when handling hands-on analysis utilizing Microsoft Excel – V Look Up and Pivot Table skills required.
  • A self-starter who is competitive, imaginative, enthusiastic, self-confident (without being arrogant), inspiring, logical, pragmatic, systematic and precise.
  • Confident to stand up, define structure and always be accountable to the entity, first and foremost, and then to the Owner(s).
  • Openly communicate, communicate, communicate! This is a communication, financial reporting and hands-on financial and business analysis Controller position. Always keep the CFO in the loop and maintain an open-door policy for everyone while supporting the investment and growth efforts of the CEO.
  • Proactively monitor and investigate variances and inspire/influence various department leaders to stay on track, take corrective action and thereby stay on schedule and maintain and improve profit margins.
  • Always finish what you agree to do and push details to the end. 
  • Being and remaining open, honest and forthcoming with information needed by the CEO and CFO is very much required.
  • Be resolute in focusing on results, and if these are threatened be prepared to tackle any problems or conflicts which get in the way, effectively/assertively/respectfully dealing with people despite their importance.
  • Responsibly challenge the status quo in order to achieve or enhance a business culture dedicated to continuous improvement and best practice.
  • Appropriately make decisions in a timely manner while at the same time ensuring others follow similar principles.
  • Assert authority in order to meet agreed time frames and deadlines and overcome any problems which may get in the way of there achievement.
  • Consistently communicate and encourage staff to communicate effectively and through example and expertise create a more participative and involved work atmosphere.
  • Clearly present, utilizing Excel, so non-financial professional leaders/managers can understand and achieve business clarity.
  • Regularly and consistently encourage a high level of performance in self and others.
  • Personally (hands-on) gather facts and figures, monitor self and staff and achieve goals in a timely and factual manner.
  • Enjoy the challenge of problem solving and come up with well thought through, practical, solutions.
  • Be alert to changing situations, show flexibility in approach, adaptability in difficult circumstances and continuously strive to achieve a positive result. Don’t wait to be asked to get involved whenever and wherever you can make a positive contribution or recommendation. 
  • Once established as Controller, begin to bring strategic awareness, thinking and a competitive nature and contribute at the senior management discussion table.
  • Be persuasive, verbal, mobile, energetic, fast paced, flexible, systematic, self-disciplined, adaptable, accurate and detailed.
  • Inspire and help guide the various operations leaders via use of information, influence and persuasion with numbers skills. 
  • Be logical, systematic and precise whenever proposing ideas, opportunities and solutions to the CFO and/or CEO – with the detailed data at-hand to back-up each submission.
  • Always bring strong, positive, business values and ethics and the ability to deliver. “Doing right is always the right thing to do!” is the company policy.
  • Encourage others to communicate effectively and through example and expertise create a participation focused and involved team atmosphere.
  • Help improve the bottom line by wisely saving money and/or reducing costs, improving efficiencies and focusing area leaders/managers on what are the most important actions for the long-term success of the company.
  • Always and only be honest, ethical, up-front and respectful during all verbal and written communications with everyone inside and outside the organization.
  • Being across department communicative and non-siloed in thinking and action are vitally important behaviours expected of the Controller – future Director, Finance

Position Responsibilities

Upon arrival, invest time, attention and listening skills to learn about the business, the people, the current processes and policies and procedures and develop positive, trust-based, Accounting department and company-wide business relationships. 

Quickly learn and effectively use the newly implemented Yardi ERP (commercial real estate side) and Timberline ERP (residential real estate side) and Microsoft Excel, budgeting/planning spreadsheets. 

Within 30 days, while maintaining the current efficiency of the Accounting department functions, begin to actively manage the performance of the Accounting staff and begin to develop trust-based business relationships with each of them and help improve team performance and individual career satisfaction.

Begin the process of hiring either an Accounting Manager or Assistant Controller to share the workload and so the Controller may focus less on the daily accounting tasks, view and begin to focus on Job Costing, Land Development and the budgeting side.

Within 60 days, utilizing cross functional communications and business acumen skills while personally working hands-on, seek ways to further refine and elevate the reporting and analysis to meet the CEO’s needs and expectations. 

Utilizing Microsoft Excel, begin to assist the CFO to develop and/or enhance KPI (Key Performance Indicator/Scorecard) reporting throughout the business. 

Under the guidance of and in cooperation with the CFO, assess and take action to help improve the budgeting and reporting and for the Land Development division, in particular.

By approximately 90 days, under the supervision and assistance of the CFO, know and understand the numbers and stay on top of them so the CEO’s questions about variances are, with few exceptions, readily answered.

Within 120 days, assist, lead and train the Director, IT to more effectively prepare and coordinate the monthly/quarterly/annual IT budget and reforecast process.

Begin to partner with the Marketing & Sales leaders to understand trends and help steer/influence budgets/investments towards the directions the market/industry and/or company are heading. Help ensure that the sales forecasting is realistic and also challenging/inspiring.

At approximately 180 days, learn the details of the strategic plan from the CFO and CEO and assist the CFO’s efforts to guide the operational leaders/managers to more effectively link their department budgeting and forecasting efforts to the strategic plan.

The establishment of a meaningful annual budget will ideally result in the CEO not having to approve of business purchases which are already budgeted for.

Assist the CFO to present the quarterly forecast to the CEO and then continue to do so each subsequent quarter – with detailed variance analysis and status updates regarding mitigation plans/efforts. 

At approximate 210 days, primarily by further developing company-wide, meaningful, metrics/KPIs utilizing Microsoft Excel, have earned the confidence of the senior leadership team and operations management staff so they feel comfortable establishing and working towards achievable performance goals/metrics. Help the CFO set up the system so each business unit leader can actively monitor the established metrics for their department’s and dynamically see variances. 

Utilize cross functional listening, communication and business acumen skills, begin to assist the CFO to obtain business planning and budgeting information from each department/operations leader/manager and then, together with the CFO, formally present and discuss those budget proposals with the CEO. (The business is, and wishes to remain, more R.O.I. than budget driven).

Work cooperatively with the the Chief Financial Analyst, including any models and work already developed, and assist the CFO with the process of assembling and delivering a five year plan in accordance with the CEO’s thinking and wishes. 

By approximately 240 days, have made significant inroads towards assisting the CFO in generating the format of financial and business planning as per the CEO’s needs and then continuously enhance it to deliver upon the next level of improvement requirements.

Via effective, hands-on, financial analysis, assist the CFO & CEO with strategic thinking that contributes towards shaping the direction and focus for each business unit. From the financial perspective, help lead the business in the right directions and help keep things on the right path – fiscally responsible yet still enterprising. Assertively give recommendations to the CFO & CEO as to where best to focus attention and thereby responsibly influence the pace and direction of company objectives and initiatives – always giving honest feedback.

At approximately 360 days, under the direction of the CFO and in cooperation with the related business unit leader(s), working hands-on, assist the CFO to finish developing next years business plans and budgets for presentation to the CEO for review, revision and approval. 

By 365 days, be well integrated within the senior management team and meaningfully contribute to the strategic plan.

In cooperation with, and under the guidance of the CFO & CEO, continue to challenge all areas of the business to meet their commitments and find greater efficiency.

Other tasks, projects and reporting requirements required of a Controller looking to serve as a highly effective financial reporting & analysis leader and business efficiency influencer within a privately owned, profitable and growing, real estate and land development business.